(My dog, not the city)

Melbourne lets me get away with way too much. I guess she’s trying to make up for when she was a puppy. Specifically when my friends and I had to chase her around the neighbourhood in our bikinis after she had escaped from the backyard. Or that time she ate all my bras and underwear…

Melbourne isn’t exactly what I would call the most obedient pup, however, she is in fact the most chill dog I have ever met. She can lay out in than sun longer than I can and sleeps more than a koala, unless there are squirrels around that is.

So basically, I dress Melbourne up however I like and she just sits there.

Some of her best looks include:


Her 6th Birthday.


White Girl Wheaten


Hula Girl


Snorkelling PupIMG_0650.jpg

Dogrey Hepburn


Bollywood Dancer




Pup in Cup


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