Waikiki is absolutely one of my favourite places in Hawaii. It is crowded and it is full of tourists, but it is beautiful. G0490833.JPG

I have to admit that I am sucker for the ABC store. I have a wide variety of fake flower hair clips and who could say no to a can of iced Kona Coffee? It’s also a great place to load up on Hawaiian souvenirs like macadamia nuts. Some of favourite finds from the ABC store are coconut peanut butter from North Shore Goodies and amazing tanning lotions from Maui Babe.


After our obligatory ABC run, we rented some chairs on the beach with a pretty great view.


Waikiki beach is where surfing was made famous. We decided we had to do some surfing while we were there.


Being rookie surfers, we thought that it would be best if we took a lesson. We found a local on the beach who gave us a good deal and we were ready to ride some waves.


We may have bailed a few times and definitely came out with a few more cuts and bruises then we went in with. But surfing Waikiki is an experience of a lifetime.G0530900.JPG

Once our lesson was over we hung around on the beach to watch the sunset. A perfect ending to an amazing day.

Bikini: Triangl poppy in Sea Spritz


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