Hilo is one of the main cities located on the Big Island. With a lot to see we thought the best way to take in as much as possible was the Hoppa On Hoppa Off bus.


Our first stop off the bus was Richardson’s Black Sand Beach.


The beach is home to tons of turtles, either swimming in the tide pools or catching some sun on the rocks.


We waded through some tide pools with baby turtles swimming past us.


The black colour of the beach was created from lava flowing into the ocean and breaking down into sand.


The next stop was Akaka Falls. The short trail to get to the falls made us feel like we were walking through Jurassic Park. The falls themselves are almost 130 meters high.


To my left you can barely another waterfall, Kahuna Falls.


Rainbow Falls was the next stop for us. As the two falls merge at the bottom you can see a rainbow in the water.

Our last stop for the day was at the Liliuokalani Gardens. These Japanese style gardens are filled with banyan trees, koi ponds, bridges and statues. Perfect for taking a stroll or snapping some pics.GOPR1026.JPG


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