If you have never been to the U.S. virgin Islands then you NEED to go. They are absolutely beautiful.

I was super excited because my boo took this day off work to come out with us (he only gets one day off a week-if he’s lucky). So the 3 of us got off the ship together in St.Thomas and took a ferry to St.John. It’s a short 15 minute ferry ride, and costs about $14 a person.


Sailing into the St.John ferry terminal you pass tons of sailboats and yachts anchored by the island. 


There’s a hiking trail right near the ferry terminal that takes you to 2 beautiful beaches, Salomon Beach and Honeymoon Beach.


After 20 minutes hiking we reached Salomon beach.


I love that this beach is so exclusive, the only way to get there is hiking or by boat. We had almost the entire beach to ourselves.


The beach was like paradise, crystal clear warm water and white sand.



Fabien got me this Luli Fama bikini for Valentine’s Day. (How awesome is he, right?)


Unfortunately, we couldn’t stay there forever and we had to get back to catch the ferry. On the hike back we were in for a huge surprise when we passed at least 10 wild donkeys.


Fabien didn’t seem to be phased, I was busy worrying about getting pooped on and making sure he wasn’t petting the donkeys.


I’ll definitely be back to the USVI one day, hopefully in yacht 😉

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