Grand Turk

I love Grand Turk, the white sand beaches and crystal clear waters make you feel like you’re in paradise. I’ve been to Grand Turk many times before when I was working on ships. It was always the same routine; grab a smoothie, lay on the beach, run back to the ship to work. This was my sister’s first time in Grand Turk and we didn’t have to worry about working after so we wanted to do something a little more exciting. We booked The Ultimate Snorkelling Adventure with Chukka Tours.


The tour took us to two reefs. The first reef was a drop off. The water was about 30 feet deep and at the edge of the reef it dropped to 7000 feet deep! It was amazing to see, there were tons of fish on the edge of the reef.



This would be a great place for scuba diving. Once I’m certified I would definitely come back here to explore more.


I quickly became best friends with the guide and as a result got all kinds of perks. I got to see everything first, feed the fish and even got a special souvenir.



The guides threw some bread into the water and the fish were all over us. My new bff even gave me some bread and I was even feeding the fish right out of my hand! Such a cool experience, even though my fingers got nibbled on a little.


Our second stop was much shallower. Which meant we could get much closer to the reef and the fish.


Definitely one of the coolest things we saw was this nurse shark!


Had to keep an eye out for what might be swimming nearby!


I even swam through this tunnel of coral with the guide swimming behind me recording it on my Go Pro!


The guide found this sand dollar in the water and gave it to me as a souvenir. I accidentally broke it before we even got back to the ship…oops!


We still had lots of time left on the island so we went to have a drink a Margaritaville. My sister went for the classic frozen Margarita and I had a frozen mojito. To be honest, mine was way better.


We spent the rest of the day lounging under palm trees and cooling off in the water.


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3 thoughts on “Grand Turk

  1. LisaLDN says:

    I completely agree with you, I’ll take a mojito over a margarita any day! That scuba diving trip seems amazing, and I’ll remember to make friends with the guide the next time I go on one, haha 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ticker Eats The World says:

    Cool post. We stayed by the beach and at Margaritaville when we were there so didn’t get to explore the underwater offerings except for that around the beach. Have a read on my blog of our time there. Beautiful island and really wonderful to see your photos.

    Liked by 1 person

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