Cinco de Mayo

When my friends asked me what I did last year for Cinco de Mayo: “Nothing, I was in Mexico”. So Mexicans (living in Mexico) really don’t care about Cinco de Mayo and don’t celebrate it. But that doesn’t mean that a bunch of Canadians who are really into tacos can’t have a good time.

Of course I found it necessary to make a piñata. I used the classic balloon and paper mâché techniques. I painted the outside white and used an image of a Calavera or “Sugar Skull” that I googled to sketch the outline.IMG_1924.jpgIMG_1927.JPGIMG_1935.JPG

I painted the rest of the design with colours and then it was ready to be filled with candy. Seems pretty simply but the entire process took me about 2 days with drying time.


I made my classic 7-layer bean dip and a smaller not-so-classic vegan bean dip.


I’ll use any excuse to make Micheladas, basically beer with clamato juice. I even found the mexican candy on straws that you put in them.



One of our favourite treats of the night was the spiked watermelon. I cut 1-inch thick watermelon slices and lay them flat in a tupperware container. In a saucepan I boiled tequila, triple sec, water and sugar, let it cool a little and poured it over the watermelon. I let the watermelon sit in the fridge all afternoon. Before we served it we squeezed some lime juice and sprinkled some salt on top. It was delicious and a huge hit. Full recipe here if you want to try it out yourself.IMG_2242.jpg

Our host, Elysia, was in charge of the tacos. She made slow-cooker beef tacos and shrimp tacos just for me. Bless her soul for putting up with my dietary restrictions.


The fun part began when it was time to hit the piñata. Unfortunately piñatas are not as popular here as they are in Mexico and we had to improvise with our bat and blind fold. We were unintentionally extremely Canadian and used a hockey stick and a toque instead. After a little bit of damage and a few close calls the piñata cracked.


I hope everyone enjoyed there Cinco de Mayo as much as we did!


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