Majahuitas and Yelapa

Puerto Vallarta is one of my favourite places in mexico. It has so much to offer, but I am especially fond of it’s beaches and snorkelling. Yelapa is a small town just outside of Puerto Vallarta and is only accessible by boat. A huge percent of the people who live there work in the tourism industry and commute by boat. Majahuitas is a cove just around the corner from there perfect for snorkelling.


From Puerto Vallarta we took a boat along the Banderas Bay to Majahuitas for some snorkelling. It’s a big pet peeve of mine to snorkel with a foam life jacket, but these are all that the tour company had to offer. I’ve noticed that this happens a lot in Mexico so I usually just drag it along with me in the water without wearing it so I can dive into the water.


There were still tons of fish and I was able to move fast enough to follow this stingray. Maybe the lifejacket gave me some sort of courage because I know seeing a stingray along the beach would absolutely terrify me.


After snorkelling we got back on the boat and headed to Yelapa, such a cute little town. The main attraction in the village is its waterfall. It’s about a 15 minutes walk from the beach.


After spending some time at the waterfall we headed to the beach in Yelapa to relax (read drink cervezas and Micheladas).


On our way back to Puerto Vallarta we were surprised by a whale splashing right in front of us.


Exploring Yelapa was great, it is so interesting to see the difference in culture in such a short distance. Puerto Vallarta is very developed while Yelapa is so small and simple.



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