Homecoming, Housewarming and Mojito pops

So I had an absolutely amazing time in Italy and France (more posts to come), but now sadly, I am home.  To keep my mind off the fact that I am no longer on vacation in Cote d’Azur with my boyfriend I’ve gotten into popsicling (the art of making popsicles, did that sound dirty?!?).  Two of my dear honeys were having housewarming party this past weekend and I could think of no better housewarming gift then some boozy Mojito popsicles.

Mojitos are one of my favourite summer drinks and are always better when made yourself. Freezing Mojitos into popsicles could only make them that much more refreshing and they were super easy to make.


I picked a ton of mint leaves from the garden, washed, dried and ripped them up into little pieces.


I made simple syrup by boiling water and little bit too much sugar than I’m comfortable letting my friends know.

IMG_3106.jpgSeriously how narcissistic is my kitchen?? It’s entirely surrounded by mirrors.^^

Next I added the mint and lime juice to the simple syrup once it was off the heat.

And of course the last ingredient… rum. I did a little research and looked at some other Mojito pops recipes before I made these, I wanted to make sure they were actually going to freeze… and most called for about 1/4 of rum.  So I put in 1/4 cup, then I put in another 1/4 cup… and then one more, just for taste.


I poured the Mojito mix into the popsicle molds, which were garnished with a slice of lime and a sprig of mint. TBH all of my friends later complained about this, saying they didn’t know what to do with the lime…one friend said she ate the whole thing… But honestly it makes them look so much prettier, so make your friends suck it up. Or give them plates.




I was super thrilled that they thoroughly froze, and froze on time, they took about 4 hours. Next it was time to bring them to the housewarming and let the honeys enjoy!


Not a bad view, with the CN tower in the background!


This is the one who ate her entire lime ^^, thanks for the support Kels!

But seriously, the popsicles were a huge success! Even though they melted almost immediately, but that may have been due to the excessive amounts of alcohol in them or the photo shoot before eating them.

Here’s an accurate and less boozy recipe if you are interested in making them yourself!

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer and are staying refreshed!


Exotic Garden of Monaco

The first week of our vacation got off to a little bit of a rocky start when I ended up spending the day after the Grand Prix in the hospital in Monaco. And let’s just say that if I had to spend the day in a hospital anywhere, it would be in Monaco. Just thank the dear lord that I am still covered by my dad’s health insurance…

Anyway we ended up making the most of my check up later in the week with a visit to the exotic gardens. The gardens are filled with plants from around the world, mainly Mexico and SOO many succulents.  Besides the amazing plants and maintenance of the gardens, it has an beautiful view of Monaco.


Fabien had never seen the gardens before even though he has lived half an hour away his entire life and even used to work in Monaco. As we were wandering around, waiting to do the tour of the grotto he remembered that he had worked here installing the bathrooms. He took some time to admire his fine work, toilets > flowers.

A tour of the grotto is included in the ticket to the garden, and it is just as amazing as the garden itself.  The grotto was discovered in the early 1900’s when construction was being done in the gardens.

On the way out there is an amazing view of Monaco including the Rock, where the Royal Palace, Oceanographic Museum and Cathedral are located. What is also so special about the view is that you can see 3 countries from standing right there, Monaco (obvs), France and Italy.


We pulled over at this spot along the highway on the way back to Menton to see the view of all of Monaco.

Back in Menton we enjoyed a late lunch of pizza, of course, and seafood salad, with some tiramisu for desert.


 We were lucky enough to get tickets to the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Monaco from one of fabien’s sisters who works at the Monaco yacht club. We took the train into Monaco from Menton, which only took us about 20 minutes. The streets of Monaco were packed with people, vendors and boothes. The restaurants had tables spilling out into the streets. We grabbed an incredibly overpriced lunch before the race and then headed to our seats. The stands were packed with well dressed spectators. Across the raceway from us was the port full of yachts with people watching the race. Tbh I had no idea what was going, but I had fun people watching and something about a redbull car…

After the race we walked up to the Prince’s Palace and wandered around the rock of Monaco. We admired the amazing the views and strolled through the old streets and small gardens.  Monaco was so beautiful and classy, we even saw a dog that was trained to pee into a grate. 


The next few days we spent wandering around Menton,  a French town right on the coast and bordering Italy. This is where Fabien’s parents live and own an Italian restaurant. 

It is a beautiful town with pebble beaches and plenty of palm trees. Walking through the markets you can find lots of cute little shops, cafes and gelaterias (it’s my goal to try every flavour).  This time I went with the tradition Italian flavour stracciatella and Kinder Bueno on top. So good!

Fabien honestly eats more pizza then anyone I know. He would eat it for every meal if he could. The fact that his dad’s restaurant makes amazing pizza is a huge enabler to his addiction.