We were lucky enough to get tickets to the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Monaco from one of fabien’s sisters who works at the Monaco yacht club. We took the train into Monaco from Menton, which only took us about 20 minutes. The streets of Monaco were packed with people, vendors and boothes. The restaurants had tables spilling out into the streets. We grabbed an incredibly overpriced lunch before the race and then headed to our seats. The stands were packed with well dressed spectators. Across the raceway from us was the port full of yachts with people watching the race. Tbh I had no idea what was going, but I had fun people watching and something about a redbull car…

After the race we walked up to the Prince’s Palace and wandered around the rock of Monaco. We admired the amazing the views and strolled through the old streets and small gardens.  Monaco was so beautiful and classy, we even saw a dog that was trained to pee into a grate. 


3 thoughts on “GRAND PRIX DE MONACO

  1. Mel Gregory says:

    The Canadian Grand Prix is just round the corner. Wish I could watch it online but since I am on abroad, I guess I’ll have to read it all in the news

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