Canada Day Long Weekend

For Canadians this past weekend was the Canada Day long weekend and the fourth of July is completely irrelevant. This weekend we celebrated Canada’s 149th birthday, it’s a pretty big deal.

The weekend was jam packed with fun activities and of course on theme Canada day treats. I started my long weekend a little bit earlier because after all I am unemployed and long weekends don’t really mean anything to me, by heading up to Muskoka to babysit. Just kidding. My friend Jenny has a beautiful cottage up on Lake of Bays, so we headed up Thursday morning to beat the traffic.

As soon as we arrived we got out the kayaks and headed out on the lake. Nothing says hardcore kayakers like a photo shoot on the closest island.




The weather on Canada Day was pretty miserable with rain most of the day, so we decided to spend our day inside.  We made a pavlova and decorated with strawberries in the shape of a Canadian flag. We also made Canadian flag popsicles which were made from blended raspberries and coconut milk.


The next day was better popsicle weather, so we went for a quick swim in the morning before heading back to Toronto.  Jenny had a flight to catch later that evening to Halifax where she was going to be working in the hospital.  Not joking this time, she could save your life one day.


Back in Toronto my little cousins came for a visit the next day. They spent the entire day splashing around in the pool, only getting out to eat.  It’s weird I didn’t even see them go for a bathroom break. Floggle tourneys and snapchat were the other activities of the day. Our new friend who was visiting for the weekend really stole the show though, Mr. Beans.


My grandpa even got out there and at 90 years old kicked some butt.

I hope everyone’s long weekend was amazing!

My goal for July is to swim everyday, no matter where I am… we’ll see how that goes, really shouldn’t be too difficult.


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