Weekend in Miami

When someone calls and asks if you want to go to Miami for the weekend, you go.

My boyfriend was sent to Miami for the weekend for some meetings in the office before he flew to Baltimore to join his ship, so I hopped on a flight Thursday afternoon to join him. Luckily we arrived right around the same time at the airport, myself from Toronto and Fabien from Nice. We stayed at the Candlewood Suites right by the airport, not an ideal location but it was on the company so can’t complain.  The first night there we took it easy and got some sushi by the hotel.


Fabien was in and out of meetings at the office all day friday while I spent the day lounging by the pool, not a bad deal. That night we went to South Beach for tacos at Bodega. Have I ever mentioned how much I love tacos? This place was amazing, delicious tacos you order right out of a taco truck. I had the calamar frito and pescado tacos with a margarita, so good! This place is also a night club, if you are ever in Sobe you must check it out.

Since no trip to Miami is complete without a boozy brunch, on Saturday we headed to 660 Angler’s, the same place we went to the last time we were in Miami. You just can’t go wrong with a classic brunch menu and bottomless mimosas for $25. This time we ate by the pool and enjoyed the amenities since the hotel wasn’t busy. The service was amazing, whenever our mimosas were empty there was new one waiting for us, and a different flavour each time. Obviously classic orange first, then guava, strawberry, passionfruit, peach and cranberry. Fabien enjoyed a huge stack of blueberry pancakes with a side of bacon and more fish tacos for me… like I said, I’m really into tacos. Not a bad way to spend your day.IMG_3477.jpgIMG_3479.JPGIMG_3484.JPGIMG_3488.jpgIMG_3534.JPGIMG_3509.JPG

That night we went back into South Beach, this time on Española Way.  The street is so cute and charming, perfect for a date night. We ate at Mercato Della Pescheria a super cute Italian restaurant (I know, Italian on Española Way…) but it was so good. We both drank sangria, I had a delicious seafood pasta and Fabien ate the largest rib eye I have ever seen (he is really starting to embrace my pescetarian lifestyle…not).


Going back and forth from South Beach to the Doral (where our hotel was) could have gotten really pricey. Thank the sweet lord for Uber pool, it only costs us about $4 each way. Absolutely a lifesaver for our trip.

The weekend was amazing and I was super grateful that I got to see Fabien one more time before he ships out of Baltimore for 4 months. I’m home now, recovering from a little gum recovery I had Monday morning and getting ready for my family’s trip to Maine later this month!


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