Eze Village

Eze is a small medieval village just east of Nice and about half an hour from where we were staying in Italy. At the top of the village is the Exotic Gardens. I did a little bit of online research the night before going to Eze and decided that we weren’t going to hike the trail from the coast to the village. Mainly because we were driving which meant we would have to hike down then back up and secondly because I was not interested in that much physical activity on my vacation.  However, nothing I read mentioned how horrible the parking situation is. There is a small parking lot at the entrance to the village that we ended up driving around and almost giving up several times before finding a spot.


The village is so cute and charming, it almost doesn’t look real. Once you get to the very top, you are at the Gardens. A lot of attractions and museums have free admission for students or french residents under 25, I tried to show them my Brock ID from 2009, no deal.

The garden is mostly full of succulents and some other exotic plants, but the best part is the view. IMG_1961.jpgIMG_1962.JPGIMG_1964.JPGIMG_1980.jpgIMG_1992.jpgIMG_1997.jpgIMG_1999.JPGIMG_2009.JPGIMG_2010.jpgIMG_2051.JPGIMG_2025.jpg

After taking in the amazing views and seeing all the cacti we could take, we went for lunch right outside the entrance of the garden.  Le Nid D’Aigle translates to “the Eagle’s nest”in English. The location of the restaurant is amazing, right in the centre of the village and the food was delicious.IMG_2040.jpgIMG_2038.JPGIMG_2043.jpgIMG_2047.jpg

If you are ever in The French Riviera a trip to Eze is a must. It’s a great change from posh cities like Nice and Cannes.


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