Mini Watermelon Jello Shots

If you are anywhere as close to a Pinterest addict as am I, then I am sure you’ve seen these jello shots made in lime/lemons peels before. Usually when I see a Pinterest recipe I like I do a bit of research then make it my own. This time I got a little bit cocky and figured I did not need any instructions what so ever…oops. As I was making them they went from terrific success to disaster, back to success then failure and in the end they turned out just alright.

I was going to make little watermelons out of lime peels and watermelon jello. However, watermelon jello mix does not exist at my local grocery store, so now they were going to be strawberry jello shots in lime peels, that looked like little watermelons slices. I used the classic jello shot recipe used by university house parties far and wide; jello powder, one cups boiling water, one cup vodka. Let me just say, they do not taste great.


I cut 5 limes in half and carefully pulled out all the sections. It’s kinda tricky and you have to make sure not to break the peel or the jello will leak out.


I made my boozy jello concoction. Next is where I made a mistake. I should have left the jello to cool in the fridge, even thicken up a little bit, before pouring it into the limes. I also should have probably made sure that the lime we more stable, as a few took a tumble. Luckily there was still extra jello.


After letting them sit all day I took them out and cut any extra peel off with scissors.

I tried to cut each half into 4. That was stupid. So I ended up just cutting them in half, so quarters of the whole lime.


At this point I was really proud. They looked great, I thought it was a real success.

Traffic and an hour long car ride took a few of the shots down, luckily there was enough left in good shape. Really I should have just transported the halves and cut them there, but who likes to wait? Not this girl.


We took our shots, celebrating one of my best honeys going off to work in Australia for three months. I also made her this little gift basket filled with Canadian goodies… and tampons because no one should have to deal with cardboard applicators.



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