Ocean Park : The Beginning

Getting There

Every year my family rents a beach house for a week in Ocean Park, Maine, right beside the popular Old Orchard Beach. It’s about a 12 hour drive from Toronto.  This year I had the luxury of flying to Boston and then taking the train to OOB instead of the gruelling 12 hour car ride with my parents, my sister and her boyfriend. It all should have been very simple. Everything was going well, straight through security and customs, into Boston, got on the subway to the train station and then…my train hit a tree.

The engine disconnected from the rest of the cars and we sat in the dark for 4 hours before the next train came by and we were able to connect to the next station. Absolutely awful service and communication by Amtrak as we all sat there with little to know information about what was going on. Thankfully there was a IRL soap opera going on between the couple across the aisle from me to keep me entertained.

I ended up arriving at the the OOB train station at 1am making my journey from Toronto actually longer then my parents’. However all my prayers on that train ride were answered with a lobster roll and a bowl of lobster bisque waiting for me at the beach house.

There was an entire lobster in the bisque (I just ate most of it before i took the picture).

Brunch at Yellowfin’s

The next morning we went for Sunday brunch at Yellowfin’s the only restaurant in Ocean Park. The entire community is dry so the restaurant is BYOB, naturally we brought our own champagne and ordered a pitcher of OJ for mimosas.


My mom had the waffles with blueberries and I had the crab cake eggs benny.


We all left with our bellies full, ready for a day relaxing on the beach.  Despite some difficulties getting there, our vacation was off to a great start.


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