My Nautical 25th Birthday

Last week I celebrated my birthday and joined the quarter century club. Feeling old AF I figured the only appropriate way to celebrate would be a Nautical themed party with a sangria bar. Who plans their own birthday party? Obviously, I do. However, I have to give a huge shout out to my angelic friend Becca for hosting and helping to plan the night. Along with all my beautiful friends who so excellently followed themed.


Sangria bar included red and white sangria with strawberry, raspberry, lemon and lime garnishes. I think almost all of us (k, mostly me) had some sort of red wine stain by the end of the night.


The cupcakes were baked by yours truly, featuring a jello blue shot, because I just couldn’t bake something without making it boozy. Birthday cake cookies were baked by Becca, so yummy and a great alternative to a birthday cake.


Our seafood bar featured cocktail shrimp, crab legs and smoked salmon. Naturally the serving plates were sea shells. The rest of the night was filled with eating, drinking, photo ops and a little bit of (very carefully) watching the opening ceremonies of the Olympics.


Special thanks to Anne for the pictures. I was super grateful that my future doctors from Ireland were able to make it and celebrate with me! (not joking, those two could save your life one day^^)


Photo cred to Becca Kennedy’s concierge, thanks for putting up with us Taimur!

The party was a huge success and I couldn’t have been happier. All my friends that made it out were absolutely amazing! However the best birthday present of all is the 10 day cruise that I will spend with my honey in a couple weeks!


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