Ocean Park : The Activities

The Beach

The weather was amazing the entire week we were down in Maine. We were lucky enough to spend everyday at the beach with my six cousins. Yes, six, all the same family. So we were kept VERY busy at the beach at all times. Between beach yoga, bocce ball, floggle, boogie boarding and searching for sand dollars we barely had time to relax.




We rented a paddle board for the day at a store just off the pier. All six cousins got a turn going out for a ride on the board (while I paddled…). Even my mom got up on the board.


Then I decided to try some tricks, some successful…some not.


Mini Golf

There are a few mini golf courses around Old Orchard Beach. Growing up spending every winter vacation in Daytona Beach, I’m kinda a big deal at putt putt. We went to Pirate’s Cove one night right by the pier. Of course I defeated my pathetic competition and got 3 hole in ones (as I mentioned, this is my game).



Sea Dogs Game

On the way to the Portland we stopped at the lighthouse in Cape Elizabeth. Such a beautiful view and so New Endlandy.


The Sea Dogs are Boston’s AA team who play in Portland. They aren’t one of the best teams in the league but they do have one of the highest turnout rates. Probably because each game is themed. The night we went was Harry Potter night. My family are huge Potter fans, I however am very neutral on the subject. My sister and cousin spent the days before the game brushing up on their magic boy trivia while I worked on my tan. The irony of it all was that I ended up winning the trivia at the game based solely on my social media skills (you had to tweet the answer). We won a Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit that I am sure my cousin will get more use out of than I would.


I wish I could say that the Sea Dogs won, but they did not. They lost, pretty badly too.


Palace Playland

Not one of my favourite places but if you like cheap rides or watching people vom, you might like it here. This is probably my cousins’ favourite place in OOB. All six of them have season passes for the 2 weeks that they are there and go almost every night.




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