Hanbury Botanical Gardens

So I am finally getting back to posts about my trip to France and Italy! I know it’s been a while, but this summer has been a busy one.

The Hanbury Botanical Gardens in Grimaldi, Italy are about 15 minutes away from Fabien’s place. We drove by them almost everyday and really didn’t know what to expect. When we first walked in we thought that it was a joke that we were actually charged an admission fee. The entrance of the garden was nothing special and kind of unkept. It wasn’t until we walked a little bit farther and took a good look at the map that we realized how huge the gardens were. There were tons of different paths with lots of different fruit trees, flowers and plants. We couldn’t believe that the garden went right from the highway to the ocean. Walking down to the ocean we passed the Hanbury’s villa. The property is now operated by the University of Genoa.




Obviously trying to touch every animal he can find. Poor turtle, I tried to not make a scene while yelling to put him back in the water.

Once you get all the way down to the ocean there is a cute little cafe where we stopped to have an espresso and a snack.



We left the garden just as it started raining, agreeing that we could have spent the entire day there. This was Fabien’s favourite garden that we visited on our vacation. He liked that it was so big and that there was so much room to explore. I preferred the succulents of the Monaco garden or the views from Eze.

What’s your favourite garden that you have visited?


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