Paris: Part I

We didn’t have the easiest time getting to Paris. Our flight from Nice to Paris was cancelled 4 times because of Air France strikes.  So, our week long trip was turned into 5 days, but luckily we had only booked a hotel for the last five days of our trip anyway. I got an amazing deal on a hotel in Gare de L’Est on Hotwire for only 70 euros a night. Our trip was right after the flooding of the Seine and at the beginning of the Eurocup. So you could say that there was a lot going on.


Arriving in Paris I was under the impression that my French-born and raised-boyfriend would know how to get around, I was wrong. So it took us a bit longer then it should have to get from the airport to the hotel. We also walked in the complete opposite direction from the train station but that was my bad. Once we finally settled into out hotel, we set out to find something to eat and explore the neighbourhood.


The next morning we took the train to go visit Fabien’s Grandmother who lives just outside of Paris. We spent the day catching up and looking at baby pictures, while I tried to understand french.

On our way back into Paris we got off the metro near the Eiffel tower for dinner and some sightseeing. The streets were absolutely packed with football fans.



There was a television behind me. Eurocup > Everything.

France won they’re game that night,  the streets and the metro were crazy people with all kinds of people celebrating.



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