Reading Week: Puerto Vallarta

Half way through my second semester at school and a long cold Canadian winter, I was willing do to almost anything for a tropical vacation. Even if it meant spending a week with my mother…

Reading week (Canadian version of Spring Break where no reading whatsoever is done) was coming up and I was able to convince my mom to go on vacation with me. So we perused some vacation package websites, narrowed down our destinations and with the stipulation that I was to plan the entire vacation we booked a week long vacation in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

I had been to Puerto Vallarta dozens of times over the years while working on the cruise ships, but never had stayed there for longer than a day. Already knowing what I wanted to do and where I wanted to go, but hadn’t been able to before, I quickly filled up our itinerary.

Our Resort

The beach in Puerto Vallarta isn’t to die for, and I had planned to spend most of our days out in the city or doing excursion. So instead of staying at a resort on the beach we stayed at a resort at the Marina, which was just as nice but much cheaper (leaving me with more money to spend on some ahh-mazing excursions).

Our resort was called the Vamar Vallarta All Inclusive Marina and Beach Resort. We had a huge room, which included a kitchen and an amazing view of the main pool and marina. The resort has two restaurants and one VERY authentic Mexican buffet. The resort had beach access and more swimming pools across the road, however we preferred having the giant main pool to ourselves, not to mention a personal bar bartender, José. Not your typical all inclusive…

View from our room



The Pool


As you can tell we had the pool, pool bar and waiters all to ourselves on the Marina side of the resort!

The Beach

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset



The beach wasn’t a white sand beach that you might find on the other side of Mexico and although it was a great view, the water was quiet rough, so we spent most of our time by the pool.

The Marina


The view from the buffet at the resort. ^

From the resort you could walk all the way around the Marina, which was full of cute shops and restaurants.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Can you spot the croc above?? ^

Stay tuned for my next post about our excursions in Puerto Vallarta!



Majahuitas and Yelapa

Puerto Vallarta is one of my favourite places in mexico. It has so much to offer, but I am especially fond of it’s beaches and snorkelling. Yelapa is a small town just outside of Puerto Vallarta and is only accessible by boat. A huge percent of the people who live there work in the tourism industry and commute by boat. Majahuitas is a cove just around the corner from there perfect for snorkelling.


From Puerto Vallarta we took a boat along the Banderas Bay to Majahuitas for some snorkelling. It’s a big pet peeve of mine to snorkel with a foam life jacket, but these are all that the tour company had to offer. I’ve noticed that this happens a lot in Mexico so I usually just drag it along with me in the water without wearing it so I can dive into the water.


There were still tons of fish and I was able to move fast enough to follow this stingray. Maybe the lifejacket gave me some sort of courage because I know seeing a stingray along the beach would absolutely terrify me.


After snorkelling we got back on the boat and headed to Yelapa, such a cute little town. The main attraction in the village is its waterfall. It’s about a 15 minutes walk from the beach.


After spending some time at the waterfall we headed to the beach in Yelapa to relax (read drink cervezas and Micheladas).


On our way back to Puerto Vallarta we were surprised by a whale splashing right in front of us.


Exploring Yelapa was great, it is so interesting to see the difference in culture in such a short distance. Puerto Vallarta is very developed while Yelapa is so small and simple.



I absolutely love Mexico. In my perfect world I would be eating fresh guacamole and tacos on a beach with a cerveza in my hand. I’m super grateful that my job gave me the opportunity to spend so much time exploring this beautiful country. Spending all this time in Mexico and being surrounded by mexicans, you would assume that my Spanish would be pretty good. I am proud say that I can have a full conversation with any 3 year old and after a few Micheladas I can confidently order from any taco truck in Spanish. My mexican slang is also on point.

One of my favourite places in Mexican is Cabo, largely due to the fact that it has amazing beaches. Fabien came to visit me on the ship while I was working and he was on vacation and we got to spend the entire day exploring Cabo.


In my opinion one of the most beautiful beaches in Cabo is Lover’s Beach. The only way to get there is by boat, we took a water taxi which are hard to avoid along the pier.


The taxi dropped us off at Lovers Beach. This is the calm side of the beach where the water is crystal clear and you can swim.


The other side of the beach is known as Divorce beach. It is too dangerous to swim here because of the waves and strong currents. It was way less crowded than on the other side and perfect for pictures.


We didn’t spend too much time at Lovers Beach due to the lack of shade… and cervezas. We hopped back into the water taxi and went to Medano Beach which is lined with restaurant, bars and resorts. The water taxis drop you off right on the beach, so you literally hop into the water from the boat and walk to shore. Make sure you hold on tight to all your stuff. I accidentally dropped my GoPro into the water when jumping out of the boat (don’t tell my dad). Thankfully I had the floaty attachment on it and was able to grab it before it floated away. Oops..


The water here was much calmer compared to Lovers Beach. But the beach is full of vendors trying to sell you a Nacho Libre mask or braid your hair, maybe even a sweet temporary tattoo. Lo siento mamacita, not my look.


We grabbed a spot at one of the resorts along the beach with some comfy chairs and an umbrella. Of course no day in Mexico would be complete without some cervezas and tacos.


On our way back to the pier in the water taxi we sailed past the famous El Arco just as the sun was setting. Such a beautiful site to end our day.